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The Things I Love by rcxdirectrix The Things I Love by rcxdirectrix
Actually, i really wanted to do this last month, while i was still making that 3-page namco high comic thing, inspired by :iconsugarydragon413:'s…,
and as usual, i wanted to color it without lineart, but then i realized that it is not within my capabilities to do lineart-less coloring while still following my art style (and if i did, i would have to color realistically, like a pro.. which i can't most of the time haha. i tried and got frustrated.). so i abandoned this thing, until i saw :icondragoncat48: journal that she's having a contest.… so i got the motivation to finish this, but with crappy lineart (im very sorry, it is all i can do without getting frustrated and quitting on this again ^^;). and so, voila. 

this isn't really representation of fandoms im in.. but to be more accurate, all of these  are what I love/loved/still love (and some of them are from my childhood :love: i wanna go back to the past D:)
well, i couldn't include every single thing for obvious reasons such as space, lack of time and memory gap.. so.....

-  <object> : things i have
* <object> : things i wish i have ^^;

*Gunnerkrigg Court Symbol [poster?]- Gunnerkrigg Court. (this is one of my favorite Webcomics. i really love the story, and especially the art. you can see how his art has improved over the years. there's definitely a big difference between his current update, and his first several pages. )
*Homestuck Sburb logo poster; Vriska horns - Homestuck (i've already explained a couple of arts ago why i love homestuck :XD:)
*Aku-Aku mask - Crash Bandicoot (CHILDHOOD GAME :love: i only got to try the third installment, and the Crash Team Racing though. still awesome! :D)
*symbols of the four elements poster - Avatar (The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra) 
-Cousin drawing; long sleeve shirt, heart pin, white polo - Namco High (already explained)
*Survey corps logo sticker - Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan (huehuehue. was reluctant to watch at first, because it involved a lot blood and dying and yeah. but when i did... i just asked myself why i didn't watch this earlier. lol. lots of action, and cool stunts... and more feels-breaking)
-Bravoman drawing
*Bravoman comic book;AntiBravoman scarf  - Bravoman (Brightens up my day  when im feeling down. oh my god. i want to buy the comic book HHHHHH if only i had Paypal T_T)
-Robotboy drawing - Robotboy (childhood :love:. i have a thing for sentient robots with personality. :) )
*TARDIS mug; cybermat of the Tomb of the Cybermen variety - Doctor Who (a friend told me it was "The Ultimate Sci Fi". yes, that line made me fan :D)
-Mark IV Cyberhead; Cyberman book by David Banks - Doctor Who (i have an incomplete cyberhead sitting on top of my books :XD:. i can't finish it for many reasons :iconotlplz:. The Cyberman book was given to me by a great friend :love:)
*Stitch plushie - Lilo and Stitch (seriously, who wouldn't love Lilo and Stitch! one of the best cartoons i watched in elementary. :D also.. childhood :love:)
*Zacharie mask - OFF (it's a fanmade game by Mortis Ghost. a game with a weird plot, but the ending leaves you with broken feels, as you theorize on a lot of stuff too. lol)
*Prince figurine - Katamari Damacy, Katamari comic [Shiftylook] (seriously, the game is da best yo! :XD: hella addictive with a really nice Soundtrack. i could only play with an emulator though, and since im using a keyboard, i couldn't finish the game, and so i gave up haha. when i get a job maybe, i'll buy a second hand PS2 and the CD of the game. :D. the comic's nice though. i love the cute art style, and the funny moments. hell, there are even deep moments too. woah. yes i love the comic too hehe.)

books i didn't mention earlier that's (kinda) present in the drawing:

-I-Robot by Isaac Asimov (i also have a thing for classic Sci fi :). i just love the imagination of classic sci fi writers. )
- Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (i have all 5 :D, but have only read 2-3 so far.. T_T. hilarious and awesome! :D )
- StarCraft books (yep! i so loved the first game's storyline, that i started to collect the books too! i haven't read 3 or 4 of latest books though. and i haven't been collecting anymore, because they are so rare, and i don't have money for collecting stuff anymore ^^;)
-Doctor Who books (yep, i have 1-6 of the 50th anniversary special edition books, and the Tomb of the Cybermen Target book. :D)
-Trese comic books - Trese by Budgette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo (the first locally produced comics that made me want to collect them. supernatural investigation and Philippine mythology. AWE-SOME! 
check out their free 1-chapter previews on each comic:
- Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (I've collected all 8! I've said "awesome" waaaay too many times now :XD:)
-Series of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott (i dunno if this is better than the Percy Jackson series... but i haven't read the latter so... i have no right to judge :XD:. but i think the difference between the two is that this series spans different mythologies rather than just the Greek mythology. you have Norse, Greek of course, Egyptian, Indian,... yeah.)

... uh-oh.. i might not have followed some of the contest instructions ^^;. well that's ok. i really just wanted to do this, so it's ok if i win or not. :D
my first and last drawing for march because HELL MONTH!
*absconds because i still have a class*

Paint Tool Sai :D
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Willowbreez Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I love hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!!!
rcxdirectrix Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha hell yeah!! hilarious as heck! XD
(i haven't finished all five though. have a lot of books to read -.-)
Tradua Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm assuming you've read I, Mengsk?
(That's the only one that I remember the title of xD)
rcxdirectrix Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol YES!!! (but 2 years ago. i may have a blurry recollection right now on a lot of stuff i've read that time)
he was rather a very cold bastard (and the book was mostly about him). Valerian was different from his dad.

i haven't read all of the Starcraft 2 books i have yet. lol. i have a lot of unread books at the moment.
but for starcraft 1, my absolute faves are the Dark Templar saga and the Queen of Blades. :)
CreepyCheeseCookie Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Artist
so cute~
rcxdirectrix Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jdafhkjghkjsdfg thank you!! :D
CreepyCheeseCookie Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Artist
asdfghjkl you're welcome v*
YoSop Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconcannotevenplz:WhAT!? Is that Robot Boy, it's been too long! This is really cool, I also have to mention my brother is quite a fan of Artemis Fowl, and I Robot...:iconlachoirplz:
I love how it's just you and your fandoms. Who cares, of you missed some instructions :XD: it's the thought that counts. The fact that you really wanted to do this, screams Motivation!:iconohyeahplz: Doing something like this allows you to look back in the next few years and feel nostalgic. What makes the most out of this piece in my opinion is your smile. It gives a sense of appreciation and bliss.:iconblissplz: A job made well done. :iconthumbsupplz:
rcxdirectrix Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I KNOW RIGHT?? ROBOTBOY!! :iconcannotevenplz: it was brief though.. i don't even know how many episodes they aired.. but.. yeah, i enjoyed every one of them (those i got to watch anyway). my interest on robots also peaked at the time this was still airing hhhhnngg 

ah cool!! have you tried reading Artemis Fowl yourself? it's great! (i wish they made a tv series for this. the same goes for Series of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. or at least a movie that stays true to the books)

haha thanks!! sometimes i get this feeling that i might be judged by other people (conscious or unconscious) for what i love in which some of them are sometimes obscure/uncommon
and prolly it might be a  weird combination when all are taken into account.. 
but that statement of yours assured me that somewhere outside your mind, people still accept people for who they are. awright! :D and really well said! (It's the thought that counts :thumbsup:)

motivation indeed :)
nostalgia is a really nice feeling. i just wanted to let that out :D 
(even your arts give nostalgia.. "oh look at the time i drew this particular work...")

my smile? really? awww  that's nice to hear!
(for me though, giving that entire expression was a way to convey that happiness and glee i felt being nostalgic :) )
thanks a lot! :D
ta-vie-ma-vie Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Aw, it's been a while since I saw robot boy X3
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